Invitation Letter for Visa Application
  • A Letter of Invitation will be issued by the Organizer to facilitate visa application and it requires 1-2 weeks to process the Invitation Letter for Visa Application. Please check and approach the Embassy of PR China of your country with the invitation to get the visa.

  • We will provide the Letter of Invitation free of charge by email / ordinary mail. For any request to send original copy by courier, a courier fee and administration fee of USD35 will be imposed and charged in advance via credit card.

  • Copy of passport, business registration, etc. may be required for information verification.

  • Enquiry on the issuance of letter: Ms. June Yu - Tel: (852) 2516 3585, Email:

    Enquiry on the issuance of letter:

    Ms. June Yu

    Tel: (852) 2516 3585


  • Deadline for issuing the letter: November 14, 2024.

  • Applicants must apply using their own visitor code. For any disputes entering China, the organizer takes no responsibility or liability for any rejected cases.

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You may find the Visitor Code in the Visitor Pre-registration confirmation email. Not pre-register yet? Click HERE
Important Notice: Please use your own visitor code when applying. Sharing or using others' codes is strictly prohibited.
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