Scope of Exhibits
Intelligent Building Equipment and Management
Building Equipment Monitoring System
Building Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Management System
Intelligent Building Electrical
Intelligent HVAC
Intelligent Lighting System
Intelligent Home Integration Platform
Sun-shade Control System
Intelligent Water Supply and Drainage
Fire and Safety Systems
Automatic Fire Alarm System
Security Management Platform
Security and Technology Protection System
Intruder Alarm System
Video Surveillance & Control system
Entrance and Exit Control
Electronic Patrol
Visitors Intercom
Parking Management
Security Response
Lightning Alert
Building Information System
Information Access
Generic Cabling
PoE Ethernet
Mobile Communication and Coverage
Wireless Intercom
Information Network
Public Broadcasting
Information Guidance and Dissemination
Video Conference
Intelligent Building Management System
Intelligent Information Integration (platform)
Integrated Information Application
Guestroom Management
Information Application System
Public Services
Smart Card Application
Property Management
Information Facility Operation Management
Information Security Management
Building Internet of Things

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